Game principles:

BeerPong opposes two teams of two players each. Each team positions 10 cups on their side of the table in a pyramidal shape. The goal is basically to throw ping pong balls into the opponents’ cups. Every time a player scores, the other team must take the cup and drink it. A team wins the game when one of its players scores into the last remaining cup of the opponents. Last but not least: every BeerPong game must be played in a “gentleman” and fair-play way.

Game components list: BeerPong requires only a table, 20 (pint-size) cups, 2 cups of water used to wash the ping-pong balls between each team’s rounds, 4 players and of course some ping-pong balls.

Tournament rules:

1 – 2 players by team

2 – Each team begins with 1L of beer (or other liquid) equally shared between its 10 cups (10cl/cup). The cups are positioned in a pyramidal shape.

3 – A coin toss determines which team shall shoot first

4 – Each one of the starting team’s players takes a shot at the opponents’ cups (one shot per player per turn). When they have played, it is the other team’s turn to shoot.

5 – When a player throws a ball, there are 4 possibilities:

  • He scores, and the opponents must take the cup he hit out of the game and drink it.
  • He throws the ball too far, and hits neither the cups nor the table. It is an airball, he must drink any one of his own cups. Note that the airball rule doesn’t apply if one is shooting on 2 cups (or less), and/or when he’s got only one of his own cups left.
  • The ball bounces on the table before getting into a cup. It is a bounce, and the opponents must drink that cup plus another cup among those surrounding it.
  • The ball hits something (table or glasses) but doesn’t get in any cup. Nothing happens, it’s the next player’s turn to shoot.

6 – Defense: As soon as the ball hits any element of the game (ex: a bounce), it can be grabbed or deflected by the defending team before it gets into one of their cups. But if the defending team touches the ball before it hits something or gets out of the game, the shooter gets a free bounce. He can thus take another shot, while the defending team is forbidden to defend on it.

7 – Send back: If both players of one team score during the team’s turn, 1 ball is given back to them. The team decides which one of them will take the bonus shot.

8 – Game Over: If 2 balls get into the same cup before it’s been drunk by the defending team, the game is over and the shooting team wins. It is therefore very important to drink the cups as soon as the opponents score. Very important: it is absolutely forbidden for a player to shoot before his teammate’s ball hits an element of the game (table, cups, opponents…)

9 – Racks: When a team’s got only 6 cups left, they have to rearrange them into a small pyramid. ( picture ) The same thing happens when the team’s got only 3 cups left.

10 – The game is over when a player scores in the last cup of the opponents. The defeated team must then drink all the remaining cups of the winning team.

  • During the group phase games of the tournament, the defeated team has a last opportunity to get a draw. The first player shoots on the winning team’s cups until he misses, and the second player does the same. If they manage to score in every remaining cups of the winning team, the game is considered a draw. Otherwise, they’ve lost.
  • During the finals, the losing team can’t get no draw but a 3 cups game extension. The team that scored the last cup first shoots first during the game extension.

11 – Game specificities:

  • It is forbidden for a player to shoot of defend while holding/drinking a cup.
  • If a player lets his ball fall into one of his own cups, he must drink the cup.
  • A fallen cup is considered as if it’s been drunk.
  • If the ball bounces on a cup before entering another one, the team has to drink the cup but the shooter has to apologize by doing 10 push-ups.